(call to the office and make appointment with your doctor)
Hi, I would like to make appointment with Dr.(醫生的名字) 我想和(某)醫生約個時間

If you are a new patient making your first appointment with Dr. (某人), please come to the office a full 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill out the always popular new patient paperwork. 通常你如果第一次去看這個診所醫生,要提早15分鐘到,填病歷資料。

If you have insurance please bring in your insurance card. You may also bring in any medical records, xrays or documents that you feel will be relevent 如果有投保保險就要帶保險卡,你也可以帶你的病歷資料,X光片等等,只要覺得有相關就可以帶。
I will be right with you.如果櫃檯人員很忙通常會這樣說,要你等一下,一會兒就會過來幫你服務
Do you have insurance card on you?有沒有帶保險卡

You are all set.等她幫你辦完了手續,通常就會講這句,意思是你已經都弄好了

I'll give you a shot.我要給你打個針
I'm going to check your blood pressure我要量你的血壓
Please lie down over here請在這裡躺下
Come closer走近一點
tilt your head back and look upward 頭往後倒,眼睛向上看(她幫你點眼藥水時講的)
blink your eyes眼睛
Do you wear contact lenses?你有沒有戴隱形眼鏡?
When did this start? (醫生問你)什麼時候開始的?
= When did it happen?
Does it hurt?這樣會痛嗎?
Do you have any allergies?你有過敏嗎?
Are you allergic to any drugs?你對藥物過敏嗎?
What are some of the causes of itchy eyes?是什麼因素造成眼睛癢的呢?
Your illness arose from lack of rest.你的病是因為缺乏休息造成的
有些醫生龜龜毛毛的,在看你的時候動作很慢,你也可以這樣問她: [ Are you about done?] 你快好了嗎?
醫生說要開某種藥給你的時候你也可以這樣問她 Is  B  the same strength as original A? B 那種藥和原本的A那種藥強度有一樣嗎?

How long does each treatment last? 每次治療要多久?

How long is the entire course of therapy? 整個療程要多久?

How often will I be treated? 我一共要被治療幾次?

What type of results should I expect to see with the treatment? 做這個治療後,通常會有哪幾種結果?

Will there be tests during my treatment to determine if it is working? 我做了這個治療之後,是不是你們可以藉由某種測試檢驗(test)來得知我做的這個治療是不是有效果

What will it feel like to get treated? 做這種治療是什麼感覺?

Can someone accompany me to my treatment? 我在做這種治療時是不是可以有人陪同我去?

Can I stay alone after my treatments, or do I need to have someone stay with me? 我做完治療後,需要有人陪同我嗎?還是我可以一個人就好

Are there foods or medications or activities that I should avoid while I am going through treatment? 當我在做治療的階段,我應避免食用哪些食物,藥物及活動?

How soon after treatment can I go back to work? 做完治療後多久我可以回去工作呢?
How much will acupuncture and herbal medicine cost?

Will it be covered by my insurance?這個是可以被算入保險的支付的範圍嗎?
Does Medicare cover the cost of (某項診療)?  某項診療是可以被算入醫療保險(計劃)的支付範圍嗎?
Medicare does not cover the cost of (某項診療).某項診療是不能被算入醫療保險(計劃)的支付範圍
There is something that unclear to me, such as the names and purposes of tests I may undergo. Can you explain it  for me?我不是很了解我要做的這個檢驗是什麼名稱,什麼用途,你可以幫我解釋一下嗎?
Is there any changes since my last exam?這和我上次做的有沒有什麼改變(差別)?
When I should return for next exam?下次要做exam是什麼時候?
How often should I get an exam?我應多久做一次exam?
What tests will I have? 我將會做怎樣的test?
When should I expect the results from these tests? 做了這些test什麼時候可以知道結果呢?
What will these tests tell me about my cancer? 這些檢驗能不能診斷出有沒有得癌症
How long after I have these tests will I know the results? 做了這些test什麼時候可以知道結果呢?
Who will call me with the results of these tests? Or, whom should I call to get the results? 誰會打電話給我通知我結果?或我應打給誰才能得到結果?
If I need to get copies of my records, scans, X-rays, whom do I contact? 如果我需要就診紀錄的影印本,我應該和誰聯絡?
Do I have to do anything special to prepare for the tests? 做這個test我應該準備什麼?
Do these tests have any side effects? 做這個test有任何副作用嗎? 

step 1:找出保險公司的客戶服務專線的電話
Locate the number for your insurance company's customer service line. This number is usually found on your membership card. It's also usually listed on the home page of most providers' Web sites. 先找出保險公司的客戶服務專線的電話,這個號碼通常在保險卡的背後可以找到,也可以在保險公司的網站上找到她們的號碼

Step 2:問明某項診療是可以被算入醫療保險(計劃)的支付範圍嗎?
Call your insurance company. Ask if your plan covers (  某項診療   )
Does Medicare cover the cost of (某項診療)?  某項診療是可以被算入醫療保險(計劃)的支付範圍嗎?

Step 3:不要問了一句就掛斷,應更深入的問,一年可以看幾次這個醫生?等等的問題,因為每種保險都不一樣,下面我就舉了去看acupuncture的例子來說
Get the details. If your plan covers acupuncture, find out how many treatments are covered. Some plans offer unlimited coverage. Others cover 35 treatments a year. But some cover as few as 2 treatments per month. Since most acupuncture treatment plans require a minimum of 10 to 15 treatments within the span of a few weeks, this kind of coverage isn't very helpful.
Step 4:有些保險只接受在它list上的醫生,最保險的做法是找出那個list出來,從那個list去選醫生
Find out which acupuncturists can provide treatment. Some plans cover all acupuncturists who meet your state's licensing requirements




He feels headache, nausea and vomiting. (他覺得頭痛、噁心和想吐。)
He is under the weather. (他不舒服,生病了。)
He began to feel unusually tired. (他感到反常的疲倦。)
He feels light-headed. (他覺得頭暈。)
She has been shut-in for a few days. (她生病在家幾天了。)
Her head is pounding. (她頭痛。)
His symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, excessive fatigue, fever and chills. (他的癥狀包括沒有食欲、體重減輕、非常疲倦、發燒和發冷。)
He feels exhausted or fatigued most of the time. (他大部份時間都覺得非常疲倦。)
He has been lacking in energy for some time. (他感到虛弱有段時間了。)
He feels drowsy, dizzy and nauseated. (他覺得昏昏欲睡,頭暈目眩和想吐。)
He feels as though everything around him is spinning. (他感到周圍的東西都在打轉。)
He has noticed some loss of hearing. (他發覺聽力差些。)
She has some pains and itching around her eyes. (她眼睛四周又痛又癢。)

(2) 傷風感冒:

He has been coughing up rusty or greenish-yellow phlegm. (他咳嗽帶有綠黃色的痰。)
His eyes feel itchy and he has been sneezing. (他眼睛發癢,而且一直在打噴嚏。)
He has a fever, aching muscles and hacking cough. (他有發燒,筋骨酸痛和常常咳嗽。) (hacking = constant)
He coughed with sputum and feeling of malaise. (他咳嗽有濃痰,而且覺得很虛弱。) (malaise = debility)
He gets a cold with a deep hacking cough. (他傷風咳嗽。)
He has a headache, aching bones and joints. (他頭痛,骨頭、關節也痛。)
He has a persistent cough. (他不停地在咳。)
He has bouts of uncontrollable coughing. (他一陣陣的咳嗽,難以控制。)
He has hoarse and has lost his voice sometimes. (他聲音嘶啞,有時失聲。)
He has a sore throat and a stuffy nose. (他嗓子疼痛而且鼻子不通。)
His breathing is harsh and wheezy. (他呼吸時,有氣喘似的呼哧呼哧作響。)
He has a stabbing pain that comes on suddenly in one or both temples. (有時突然間太陽穴刺痛。)
He has a runny nose, sneezing or a scratchy throat. (他流鼻水,打噴嚏和喉嚨沙啞。)

(3) 女性疾病:

She has noticed one lump in her breast. (她發覺乳房有個腫塊。)
There is a hard, swollen lump on her right breast. (她右乳房有腫塊。)
Her left breast is painful and swollen. (她左乳房疼痛且腫大。)
She has heavy bleeding with her periods. (她月經來的很多。)
Her vaginal discharge is white or greenish-yellow and unpleasant smelling. (她陰道分泌物帶白色或綠黃色,而且氣味不好。)
She has noticed occasional spotting of blood between periods. (在月經來的前後,她有時也發覺有滴滴達達的流血。)
She has some bleeding after intercourse. (性交後有出血。)
She feels some vaginal itching. (她感到陰部發癢。)
She has painful periods and abnormal vaginal discharge. (她月經來時疼痛,而且陰道有不正常的分泌物。)

(4) 手腳毛病:

His both hands and feet ache all over. (他兩手兩腳都很酸痛。)
He has pain on the sole of his feet. (他腳底很痛。)
There is a wart-like lump on the sole of right foot. (我右腳底有個像肉疣般的硬塊。)
His ankles look puffy and they pit when he presses them with his finger. (他的足踝好像腫了,用手按,就有小坑痕。) (pit = small dent form) 6park.com
(句裏的 they 和 them 都是指 ankles)
The pain in his left foot is accompanied by redness and swelling. (左腳酸痛,並有紅腫。)
The joints near his fingernails and knuckles look swollen. (指頭和指節旁邊的關節,似乎有腫大。)
He has numbness and tingling in his hands and fingers. (他的手和指頭感到麻木和刺痛。)
His legs become painful following strenuous exercise. (激烈運動後,他的腿就痛。)
His knee is misshapen or unable to move. (他的膝蓋有點畸形,也不能動。)
There are some swellings in his armpit. (他的腋窩腫大。)
He is troubled with painful muscles and joints. (他的筋骨和關節都痛。)
She is troubled by the pains in the back and shoulders. (她的後背和肩膀都痛。)
His knee has been bothering him for some time. (他的膝蓋不舒服,已有一段時間了。)

(5) 睡眠不好:

He is sleeping poorly.(他睡不好)
He has difficulty in sleeping, inability to concentrate.(他不易入睡,也難集中精神。)
It is usually hard for her to fall asleep when she goes to bed at night.(她晚上就寢,很難入睡。)
He wakes during the night or early morning and finds it difficult to fall asleep again.(他晚間或清早醒來後,再也不能入睡。)
He has nightmares occasionally.(他有時做噩夢。)

(6) 男性疾病:

He urinates more frequently than usual.(他小便比平時多。)
He has difficulty controlling his bladder.(他很難控制小便。)(bladder 是膀胱)
There are some lumps on his testicles. (他的睪丸有些硬塊。)
He has had burning or pain when he urinates.(他小便時感到發燙和疼痛。)
He is passing less urine than usual.(他小便比平時少。)
He has had painless swelling in his scrotum.(他的陰囊有不痛的腫大。)
He feels lack of interest in sex.(他自覺對性的興趣大減。)
He has difficulty starting his urine flow.(他小便不暢通。)
His urine stream is very weak and slow.(他小便流動得很慢很弱。)
He dribbles a little urine after he has finished urinating.(他小便後,還會有少量零星地滴下。)
He has had some discharge from his penis.(他的陰莖排出一些流膿。)
His urine is cloudy and it smells strong.(他的小便混濁,而且氣味不好。)
He has a dull heavy ache in the crotch.(他的胯部感到隱約的痛。)
He has a small leakage of urine when he coughs or sneezes.(他咳嗽或打噴嚏時,會有點泄尿。)
He has trouble urinating.(他小便有困難。)

(7) 呼吸方面:

His breathing has become increasingly difficult.(他呼吸越來越困難。)
He has to breathe through his mouth.(他要用口呼吸。)
He is short of breath, even when he has not been exercising, he is breathless.(他喘氣;即使不動,他也是上氣不接下氣。)
His cough is more like wheezing.(他的咳嗽有呼哧呼哧的響聲。)
His cough is dry, producing no phlegm.(他是幹咳,沒有痰。)
He has coughed up blood.(他咳嗽有血。)
His nose stuffed up when he had a cold.(他感冒時鼻子就不通。)
He coughs up a lot of phlegm (thick spit) on most days.(他多半時間咳出濃濃的痰。)
He has a feeling of tightness in the chest or a feeling that he is suffocating.(他胸部覺得悶悶的,好象透不過氣來。)


He has pain in his teeth or jaw. (他的牙齒和下巴疼痛。)
He has some problems with his teeth. (他牙齒有問題。)
The tooth hurts only when he bites down on it. (他咬東西時,牙齒就痛。)
His gums are red and swollen. (他的牙床紅腫。)
His tongue is red and sore all over. (他的舌頭到處紅和痛。)
His breath smells bad and he has a foul taste in his mouth. (他口裏有怪味。) 6park.com
His gums do bleed. (他牙床有出血。)
He has some sore swellings on his gum or jaw. (他的牙床和下巴腫痛。)
He has sore places on or around the lip. (他的嘴唇和周圍都很痛。)
There are cracks at the corners of his mouth. (他的嘴巴角落破了。)
There are some discolored areas inside on his tongue. (他舌頭裏邊有些地方顏色怪怪的。)
I'd like to have this cavity filled.我想補牙

(9) 腸胃毛病:

He has a bloated, uncomfortable feeling after meal. (他飯後肚子覺得脹脹的,很不舒服。)
He feels bloated after eating.
He has bouts of abdominal pain. (他有一陣陣的肚痛。)
He feels bloated in his abdominal area. (他感到肚子脹脹的。)
(註:脹脹的,像「puff up」,但不是真正的腫「swell up
The pain is mainly in the lower (upper) right part of the abdomen. (痛是在肚子下半部。)
He has nausea and vomiting. (他有噁心和嘔吐。)
It is difficult or painful for him to swallow. (他吞下食物時會痛。)
He has passed more gas than usual. (他放…比平常多。)
He has been constipated for a few days. (他便秘了好幾天。)
He suffers pains when he moves his bowels. (他大便時很痛。)
He has some bleeding from his rectum. (他的肛門出血。)
He has noticed some blood in his bowel movements. (他發覺大便時有些血。)
His bowel movements are pale, greasy and foul smelling. (他大便呈灰白色,含油脂的惡臭。)
His bowel movements are grey (or black) in color. (他的大便呈灰白色。)
He has trouble with diarrhea. (他拉肚子。)
(10) 血壓等等:
His blood pressure is really up. (他的血壓很高。) High blood pressure is creeping up on him. 6park.com
He has noticed frequent urination, increased thirst and unexpected tireness. (他發覺常常小便,非常口渴和更加疲倦。) 6park.com
It is a chest pain that gets worse when he bends over or lies down. (他彎腰或躺下時,胸部更痛。) 6park.com
He has noticed excessive sweating and unexplained tireness. (他體會到過度的出汗和難以解釋的疲倦。)
He has a sharp pain in one area of his spine. (他的脊椎某部位刺痛。) 6park.com
He has pain in other joints including hip, knee and ankle. (其它關節疼痛包括臀部、膝蓋和腳踝。)
His eyes seem to be bulging. (他的眼睛覺得有點腫脹。)
He has double vision. (他的視線有雙重影子

He feels there is a film over his eyes. (他覺得眼裏有種薄膜似的東西,擋住視線。) 6park.com
His vision in the right eye blurred. (他右眼視線模糊不清。)
He has had some earaches lately. (他近來耳朵有點痛。)
He has a repeated buzzing or other noises in his ears. (他耳朵常有嗡嗡的聲音。)

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